Team Pictures


Team pictures schedule which will take place at the Roseville Skating Center - Rose Room (banquet room, up the ramp and through the double doors).
Have your player come fully dressed, except NO SKATES. Remember your stick! Your team can decide which game jersey to wear (however the Navy may "pop" more in the photo) .
Sports Star Photography is our photographer. They will be taking 3 images in multiple poses: 1 for the individual photo (hockey face-off pose), 1 for the team photo (entire team photo), and 1 for the poster/banner photo (fun, creative pose).


Monday, December 12
5:15pm 10UB2 Silver
5:30pm 10UB1 Blue & Silver
5:50pm 10UB2 Blue
8:10pm 12UB2 & 15UB

Tuesday, December 13
6:30pm 10UA
6:50pm 12UB1
7:30pm 12UA & 15UA

Ordering & Delivery

Ordering & Delivery - Sports Star uses a View First system, which means once photos are edited and uploaded, you will receive an email with your link to view. They will use the email addresses RMH has on file. Then you can choose which poses, photo sizes (including the poster/panoramic size), or package you want to order. Then they will be deilvered directly to your home.
**Poster/panoramics are automatically offered to all teams with no minimum or pre-ordering needed. You will see these in your View First email link.

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