2023-2024 - Evaluations

Evaluations start Sunday Oct. 8th


Questions can be directed to your level directors found on the Marauders website under Board Members


  • Please remove all non-association stickers from helmets.
  • Players will be given their game socks the first day of tryouts and should wear them for tryouts. 
  • Check your bag before you go, ensure your player has removed last year's practice jersey, but has all their gear to get them off to a great start.  
  • Parents are welcome to help their player check-in but will not be allowed beyond the check in desk. We will have adults available to tie skates for 10Us.
  • Please arrive 45 mins early for Evaluation 1 to allow time for jersey distribution and check in. 
  • Your player will be given an evaluation jersey to use for all evaluation sessions, your player will keep it throughout evaluations and it will then become their practice jersey for the season
  • Plan to arrive 30 mins early for the remaining evaluations.  
  • Please ensure that your player checks in prior to each evaluation so we can make sure everyone is accounted for. 
  • We will let the players know what jersey color they will wear for that session (they are reversible) and what locker room they are assigned to. 
  • Check the number on the jersey in your bag after each session to ensure your player has picked up the correct jersey in the locker room!!


  • All Marauder evaluations are closed; Marauder parents and other spectators are not allowed to watch tryouts. Only allowed Marauder tryout staff is allowed in the locker room and rink areas. Parents/fans of any external pool scrimmage opponent will be allowed to watch that scrimmage, but Marauder parents/fans still may not watch the pool scrimmage.
  • Live Barn will be blacked out for the duration of tryouts in accordance with the board’s decision to run closed tryouts.
  • There will be six evaluators present. Two in-house evaluators from each association plus 2 goalie evaluator (with no direct connections with the level they will be evaluating). Evaluators will rank skater's abilities based on the criteria identified by the Marauder co-op Board. Evaluators will be present during all the Evaluation Sessions and the scrimmages.
  • All scoring will be done strictly by number. Player names do not appear on any of the screens or sheets graders use in assessing players.
  • The tryout team managing the tryout process includes the entire Marauder co-op board as well as volunteers from the associations who do not have a conflict of interest with players. 
  • After Evaluation 2, the players will be regrouped. All regroupings will be posted on the Marauder’s website.  


10U Evaluation Groups

Below you will find the groups for 10U participation :

10U Evaluation Schedule

Below you will find some important dates/times/locations for the upcoming elevations.

12U Evaluation Groups

Below you will find the groups for 12U participation :

12U Evaluation Schedule

15U Evaluation Groups

Below you will find the groups for 15U participation:



Results and regrouping information will be posted to the Marauders website following tryouts.

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